Aug 032010
A look (here) at the new Flixster channel on Roku, Netflix’s stand-alone media streaming device, comes from Crunchgear‘s Matt Burns.  He says that the video quality is not all that great as yet, (the service is only a few hours old), but there are a lot of trailers available.Matt has also published the Roku / Netflix press release, which (oddly) doesn’t seem to be available on the Netflix, Flixster or Roku sites. The release says that Rotten Tomato ratings will also be accessible on the channel.

As a Roku user and In-Home digital distribution believer, I am always happy when a new service is connected, bringing us closer to the black box days when all is readily available from the comfort of my cushioned couch.  So while I am not sure how often I’ll use the service, (I usually make my decisions by word of mouth) it’s good to know that I will be able to have a look at the occasional “must see” trailer.

via ScribeFire