Nov 152010

Facebook today announced their “Seamless Messaging System,” set to roll out over the next few months.  My favorite feature is that it will  be able to seamlessly move back and forth between SMS, Email, IM, etc. 

According to the Facebook blog “Simply choose their name and type a message,” and the other person will get it delivered on whatever device they’re using.  They will also be providing addresses. – Why ever would Google see this as a challenge, I wonder?

ZDnet says, “the idea is that users should be able to have an IM appear as an SMS or an SMS appear as an email, giving people a way to use the communication tool they prefer without worrying about how the recipient will see it or respond to it.”

I’m sure that privacy advocates are already practicing their howls of protest, but it seems to me that they want the benefits of the computer age without the involvement of the providers of those benefits.  And anyway, me Likey.

PS; if you want to request the new messaging system, you can, at