Dec 142010
Huffington Post article by Indie muti-hyphenate maestro Ted Hope: a short list of people working to further the distribution of independent film. For everyone interested in indie film distribution, it’s an article worth reading about people worth following.
Excerpt: “Last year at this time, I put forth a list of inspiring folks, people who by their acts and ideas were giving me the energy to keep striving for a better film culture and infrastructure, one that was accessible to all and slave to none. We are closer to a truly free film culture this year than we were last year, and I remain optimistic that we can be a hell of a lot closer next year than we are today, thanks in no small part to the 40 I have singled out these two short years.

This list, like last year’s, is not meant to be exhaustive. Okay, granted I did not get to the quantity of the 21 Brave Thinkers that I did last year, but the quality is just as deep…”