Feb 152011

I love that AMC Regal will be getting into the distribution game. “AMC and Regal forming new venture to acquire and release movies” (2/10/2011/) [LA Times]

So, who wins and who loses under a scenario like this?

WINS: Indy filmmakers – They now have more distribution options.

WINS: Moviegoers – Especially previously indy underserved markets.

WINS: AMC/Regal – Despite the pushback from studios, this offers more reasons for people to come out and eat popcorn.

WINS: Environment – Bet on this being followed by indy-crowd-friendly green options in the consession stand. Just a fotunetell, here, even if it takes a minute or two.

LOSES: No one – Even the studios should be fine. Although they may have to start making higher quality movies. These aren’t either/or audiences, generally, they’re ones who might not have a reason to go to a theater previously, but will now.