May 312011

According to The Wrap yesterday, in “Cable Giants Seek to Limit Internet Streaming, Slow Netflix” what you knew was on its way, is getting closer to reality. Comcast, ATT and Charter broadband delivery companies, have begun to implement caps  on usage of between 150G to 250G per month.

This is a most obvious play for Comcast, which owns NBC, and when people cut off their NBC cable shows in favor of downloaded YouTube videos, not only does NBC lose viewers, but Comcast has to deliver the alternative.

It seems way more sensible to have delivery of media, forced separate from the creation  of content to avoid conglomerate interests like these, but be that as it may, even if it was just a matter of identifying and charging the super-heavy users of bandwidth, well, THAT one was going to catch up with us sooner or later.

Look for this market to settle as other broadband companies join in and tiered pricing plans become the norm, just as they have with phones. I don’t like this, but I see how it’s inevitable. We’ve just been bandwidth-hogging along, cutting off our cable and getting out of the cable business, so now those businesses need to get that stash back from the internet delivery side.