Aug 052011

“Nine Drastic Changes the Mobile Industry Will Undergo Within Three Years” is a great, clear post by multi-hyphenate tech writer Hillel Fuld, and each of his 9 points are worth taking in.

Personally, I find one the most groundbreaking of the “coming attractions” to be #3, or NFC [Ars Technica], or Near Field Communications [Mashable], although, as Hillel mentions, some privacy issues will have to be addressed.

The other elements I think will factor most prominently will be a combination of #2, #8 and #9, or “Faster Web,” “VoIP,” and “Social Integration,” respectively. Those tie into the way we will increasingly expect technology to make our global world more reflective of our local and personal world. Connecting us precisely and instantly to who, how and when we want to be connected.

What might impact mobile more? I mean, before the inevitable implants. 😉