Nov 182011

In a US Today article by Byron Acohido, Facebook revealed how it goes about tracking your web use.

NOTE: It’s disturbing, I think, to most people, to learn the below, courtesy of Mashable. This gives added signifigance to a pending “Do Not Track” bill on its way through congress. – Details courtesy of

  • These cookies record every time you visit another website that uses a Facebook Like button or other Facebook plugin — which work together with the cookies to note the time, date and website being visited. Unique characteristics that identify your computer are also recorded.
  • Facebook keeps logs that record your past 90 days of activity. It deletes entries older than 90 days.
  • If you are logged into a Facebook account, your name, email address, friends and all of the other data in your Facebook profile is also recorded.
  • Data about web searches and browsing habits could be used to figure out political affiliations, religious beliefs, sexual orientations or health issues about consumers.

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