Jan 242012

With Google’s announcement today that it was “unifying privacy policy”, (Wash Post), the vision of an Orwellian loss of privacy suddenly came more into focus. Google will share all the information in any of their services with all of their services. Apparently, people are supposed to not worry about this total informational exposure because Google says it will all be ok and it won’t use the information against you except to sell you things on behalf of all commerce everywhere. – Whew, I was worried there for a second.

For me this means an imperative to remove as much information as possible (sucks that it can’t be retroactive) from Google services, and to wind down my use of their services as much as possible.

There was something about the inherently social nature of Facebook that made it clearer that information revealed there would be parsed and potentially exposed, but for Gmailers, it feels very much like the sudden realization that someone’s been recording your pillow talk.

That said, here’s Lifehacker’s guide to parting ways with Google services, and I expect there to be a lot more of these in the days ahead.

  • Ungoogle.org

    http://ungoogle.org seeks supporters to help them transition away from google and onto Bing – who has a much more secure privacy policy. Contact us today…

  • While I don’t have any greater faith in Microsoft / Bing than I do in Google -Meaning that under current US law, a complete privacy change is only a boardroom decision away- I DO believe that people should be exploring the full array of options.