Mar 222012

Firefox LogoIf you use Firefox Profile Manager on a PC, your profiles probably list in the order you created them. There are many reasons to want to change that order, get your most used profile at the top, etc., and here’s the easy way to do that.

1) Open file Explorer window, go into: > Tools > Folder Options > View: Click on “Show hidden files, folders, or drives.”

2) In Explorer, navigate to: > Users > {YourUserNameHere} > AppData > Roaming > Mozilla > Firefox

3) Open the “Profiles” configuration folder.

You will see all your profile names listed in the order created, starting with [Profile0].

4) Cut and re-paste each profile’s information, (4 lines each, with [Profile, Name, IsRelative, and Path]) into the order you’d like them to appear in when you log in.

Remember, if you screw something up here, well, you’re screwed, so don’t hit “save” until you’re damn well sure you got it right. This way, at worst, if you screw up you can just exit without saving and start again.

5) Re-number the [Profile*] section number to reflect  the order you’ve just put them in.

6) Hit “save,” get your butt outta there, log back in to Firefox and have fun. And remember to stay away from the porn. Rick Santorum says it’s bad for your moral fiber, and he’s been right about everything else so far, hasn’t he?

PS; Don’t forget to change your Explorer options back to “Don’t show hidden files, folders, and drives.” (Or you’ll see those dozens of yucky bits of files that Windows can’t help itself from creating).