Moishe lives in Manhattan. New York City, baby.

Jul 082015

Whether employed or unemployed, finding a new job can be tough. So many sites, so little time, so much futility. Here are a few job search sites and newsletters I think might help you.

May 112015

When I asked friends for good recent fiction book reads, I got a bunch. Here are the top five, plus eight. Have a favorite?

Aug 232014

I took this one a long time ago in Haifa, Israel. There’s never been anything as calmingly beautiful to me as sunset over the Mediterranean.

Mar 202014

A derelict street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in fog. Before high rise buildings and hipsters in low rise skinny jeans (and Dunkin Donuts) took over.

Mar 192014

A cocktail that was so good, I had to take a picture first. The lime, the candlelight. Ahhhh…

Mar 182014

A beautiful sunset photo that I’ve always enjoyed. Taken at Key West in 1990. Sunset, always my favorite time of the day. So calming and meditative.

Sep 222012

A few of my favorite digital helpers. It’s a very short list, but for each of these, I’ve tried the alternatives, and have found that these are the best solutions. [More…]