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Mar 222012

If you use Firefox Profile Manager on a PC, your profiles probably list in the order you created them. There are many reasons to want to [More…]

Feb 232012

Very cute flowchart for helping one decide whether or not to send an email. Brought to you by OnlineITdegree via (in my case) Also [More…]

Feb 162012

Great infographic shows how content creation, SEO, and social media interactions help drive business for less than it used to cost via “traditional” marketing methods. [More…]

Jan 242012

With Google’s announcement today that it was “unifying privacy policy”, (Wash Post), the vision of an Orwellian loss of privacy suddenly came more into focus. [More…]

Jan 142012

PC Firewalls. You know you need one, but again there are so many that it’s hard to choose. Much as with anti-virus, there are many [More…]

Dec 282011

So what is the best free anti-virus out there? With so many qualified and divergent opinions supporting different paid programs, as well as several good, [More…]

Dec 142011

“Don’t market to a person unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”. Or “Don’t market something to others in a way you wouldn’t want to be marketed to yourself”. Or something like that.