Nov 032011

Acknowledging that some searches were giving people stale results, Google revised its methods on Thursday to make the answers timelier. It is one of the biggest tweaks [More…]

Sep 142011

I was born and raised in New York City, have lived here most of my life, and was here on 9/11, 2001, the day of the terrorist [More…]

Aug 052011

“Nine Drastic Changes the Mobile Industry Will Undergo Within Three Years” is a great, clear post by multi-hyphenate tech writer Hillel Fuld, and each of his [More…]

Aug 042011

It’s pretty much what the headline says, Mimedia is offering 7GB free online storage/backup. One of the great advangates here is that you can upload [More…]

Aug 032011

Like many, I often wonder “what’s next for digital?” And, like many, I find multiple answers, almost all short term, with 3 month to 3 [More…]

Jul 072011

The future happens every moment, but some moments it seems to be happening faster than others. Take for example the sudden onslaught of new in-person [More…]

Jun 172011

It was widely reported in the New York Times and elsewhere today that Blackberry maker RIM‘s earnings report for the most recent quarter and earnings [More…]